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  • Discover how to write and deliver memorable and special maid of honor speeches! Find wedding speech examples and ideas!

    Your best friend, cousin, or maybe your sister is getting married? She has honored you with the responsibility of being her bridesmaid. You are excited and don't want to let her down. You want it to be an extra special day for her. There are many roles and responsibilities attached to being a maid of honor or chief bridesmaid. Here you can find 25 Bridemaid Speeches

    One is to make sure the bride is supported throughout the wedding preparation and throughout the big day. Another is making sure the bachelorette party is outrageous fun. Probably the most daunting responsibility is giving one of the best maid of honor speeches that will be remembered for all the right reasons.  There are very few times in life that you are given an opportunity to touch peoples lives, and speak from the heart in a public forum. It is very important to prepare and get it right. Well, here is the good news. You do not have to complete a public speaking or literary writing training course to win the heart of your sister or best friend when you deliver your maid of honor speech. All you need to do is relax and take your time to prepare an original, true from the heart maid of honor speech with our help. It's all in the preparation and it's important to have fun.   More Speech Samples

    Review These Maid of Honor Speeches for Sister and Write Your Own Unique Speech


    You can pick the right approach for your family situation by considering a range of maid of honor speeches for sister, from mild rivalry to slapstick humor. We all know family relationships can be a gold mine of historical comedy; the trick is to take the right tone for the people involved so your maid of honor speech is entertaining without being too embarrassing. Revealing juicy anecdotes from your lifelong shared experiences is expected, but use good judgment and taste: you want your sister and her new husband to be genuinely amused when you’re finished, rather than wishing you hadn’t spoken. Here you can find 25 Bridesmaid Speeches

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    Get Ready for the Wedding with These Maid of Honor Speech Ideas


    You’ve saved the date, chosen a lovely gift, and now it’s time to round up your maid of honor speech ideas and decide what you’ll say when you’re holding the microphone on the big day. If you’re not a seasoned public speaker, it can be intimidating to think about occupying center stage with all eyes and ears on you. Allowing yourself plenty of time to prepare for the event is a key point for your comfort level as well as making certain you express your sentiments in a way that’s perfect for the occasion. Here you can find 25 Bridesmaid Speeches

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    Popular Maid of Honor Poems and Quotes


    Personalize your speech by including unique maid of honor poems, quotes and advice that will stand out on the wedding day and convey your message to the happy couple in a memorable way. You can write your own poetry or find examples of what others have used to make a lovely presentation; some people find the process of gathering wisdom from a variety of sources so inspiring they end up writing an original maid of honor poem even if they thought such an endeavor was beyond their skill level. Here you can find 25 Bridesmaid Speeches

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    Funny Maid of Honor Speeches Set a Light-Hearted Tone


    A touch of humor is always welcome at wedding receptions, and funny maid of honor speeches can be a great way to get guests into a celebratory mood. The bride and groom may be feeling the stress of the occasion and need to loosen up a bit, too, but it’s important to keep things tasteful and avoid causing embarrassment for anyone. It’s common for the best man speech to be a funny one, and often the maid of honor speaks after the best man. Competition at a wedding isn’t a good idea, so go for a light tone. Here you can find 25 Bridesmaid Speeches

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