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Your best friend, cousin, or maybe your sister is getting married? She has honored you with the responsibility of being her bridesmaid. You are excited and don’t want to let her down. You want it to be an extra special day for her. There are many roles and responsibilities attached to being a maid of honor or chief bridesmaid. One is to make sure the bride is supported throughout the wedding preparation and throughout the big day. Another is making sure the bachelorette party is outrageous fun. Probably the most daunting responsibility is giving one of the best maid of honor speeches that will be remembered for all the right reasons. Well, here is the good news. You do not have to complete a literary training course to win the heart of your sister or best friend when you deliver your maid of honor speech. All you need to do is relax and take your time to prepare an original, true from the heart maid of honor speech with our help. It’s all in the preparation.

Firstly, the bridesmaid speech is followed by the best man speech which is supposed to be packed with humor and excitement. Don’t get left behind.  Consolidate your speech by adding a subtle touch of humor. You have to be jovial, yet hold up the integrity given the audience.

Remember to introduce yourself. There are often people who are invited and are seeing the bride and you for the first time. Your speech should make a good first impression on the guests and the family of the groom. Purity is the serene essence. Love and respect for the couple must reflect from the bridesmaid speeches.

Given below is a sample of a simple bridesmaid speech. Here you can find 25 Bridesmaid speech examples

Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor speech example – a great starter

10525398_s“Hello everyone, my name is Amy, Jessica’s best friend and her loving twin sister. I am honored to be Jess’ maid of honor and the pleasure of giving this important maid of honor speech. Today my tribute is to my sister on her wedding day. Today I publicly acknowledge the fact that she has been a marvelous sister, a loyal friend, and is a beautiful bride. Without her, I would have been incomplete. Twins have an inexplicable connection which will last forever.

Whilst we are twins, we are very different. I have always been very practical and a bit crazy and Jess has complimented me as she has always very reliable but a dreamer.  She always dreamed that she would meet a wonderful man and one day get married. Chase, her dreams came true the day she met you. I still remember her telling me about that day and how she knew you were the one from the moment you met…even though you accidentally dropped your glass of red wine on her skirt! Chase, I am touched by the awesomeness of the love that you have with Jess. I am confident in saying that Mom and Dad are also so pleased to be welcoming you into our family. Read more

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Learning the art of speaking at a wedding is quite difficult when you haven’t done it before and have no starting point. It often happens that we think we have hundreds of ideas and then as soon as we take a piece of paper, we realize that we don’t have any ideas at all. The feeling associated with such happenings isn’t at all pleasant and you should know that deep and long enough preparations are required to give a quality maid of honor speech. Here you can find 25 Bridesmaid speech examples Let’s take a look at the maid of honor speech example!

“Dear guests and families,I am proud to stand up and speak in front of you. My name is Brianna and I am the maid of honor. Brad and Johanna decided to give me this honor and I am very thankful to them on this side. I always dreamt of this day, because I knew how they made a perfect match as a couple.For all of you who sacrificed themselves, their work or maybe their free time to be here, I must say that you made a great decision. Firstly, we are all happy about being here with you and secondly, it is an honor for the bride and the groom to see so many lovely faces, so many guests who share these unique moments with them. Read more

Your Cool Bridesmaid Speech 0

A maid of honor speech isn’t as formal as a father of the groom speech or a mother of the bride speech, but still takes a lot of formality and preparations to turn it into a great one. Before gathering your ideas for the upcoming maid of honor speech, make sure you take a lot of notes. You’ll end up reading lots of speech examples and have lots of ideas so keep good notes.

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If you’ve been chosen as the maid of honor, your speech is mostly important to the bride. Make sure that you talk a lot about the bride in your speech, but try not to exceed 3 or 4 minutes of speech, especially if there were at least 4 or 5 wedding speeches before yours. There is nothing worse that too many long winded wedding speeches stopping the guests eating desert and getting onto the dance floor. Since other speeches takes precedence over maid of honor speeches in the list of speeches for the day, it is likely that your speech will comes after 4 or 5 other speeches.

Be prepared, gain control over your emotions.  Preparation in front of a mirror days before the wedding is recommended. Even if you’ll feel like crying during the speech, make sure to keep the crying to a minimum and continue with the essence of your speech. More Speech Samples Read more

Maid of Honor Speeches for the Autumn Wedding Season 0

Autumn in 2013 seems to provide excellent circumstances to be inspired and write the best maid of honor speeches for this wedding season. Although it’s not too common for people to think of autumn weddings, it’s still a season during which lots of couples begin their lives together, lots of couples choose to join their destinies between the warmth of the summer and the frozenness of the winter. What makes an autumn wedding speech different from a wedding speech in any other season? There are various elements to make a significant difference:

  1. The season itself. Every season bring its own feelings, its own atmosphere. Willingly or unwantedly, you will associate your life with the season you are going through. Since this is true, even maid of honor speeches will be different in different seasons throughout a year.
  2. Inspiration is different, mood is different. You get to be inspired from newer sources that didn’t seem to inspire you before and you get to observe some elements that are only typical to the autumn overall mood. It is often a great idea to be inspired by nature itself. Nature gives you ideas that other people and other objects wouldn’t be able to give you.
  3. You can choose your bridesmaid dress accordingly. Being autumn, you can choose to play with colors and enjoy the maximum of the wedding. After all, if you have been invited as the maid of honor then you can feel confident and great about it.

As a matter of preparation, it is good to choose your dress in time. Let’s talk about great bridesmaid dresses that turn maid of honor speeches into epic speeches, enabling women to feel so pretty and confident when speaking. Click Here for MORE Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Examples Read more

Maid of Honor Speech Jokes 0

Maid of honor speech jokes can be so much fun if you use them adequately. There are great jokes which – if said in a perfect timing with guests who understand fun and jokes even if it’s about a wedding speech – can enhance the atmosphere and turn an average wedding into something very unique and creative. Let me talk about various types of jokes, which can be told during the speech, in different moments. Here you can find 25 Bridesmaid speech examples

maid of honor speech jokesIntroductory maid of honor speech jokes

  1. “Boys and girls, as you all know, I am the bride’s mother and I will order pizza pretty soon. I hope I have your attention now! I was kidding, my name is …”
  2. “I would like to tell you that the bride is very happy about you all being here, but I am not since your eyes are all on me. No, actually it’s awesome that you are all here and we thank you!”
  3. “The new iPhone5 is the finest gadget of the moment. Hey, wait, this isn’t the commercial! My name is Linda and I am Lindsay’s best friend since we were like 6, she had a fine inspiration to choose me as her maid of honor”.

As you can see, there are various types of introductory jokes. The above mentioned jokes are barely examples and you should treat them like examples. Not everyone would enjoy if you said those things, so you are responsible for your decisions and make sure to choose the appropriate jokes and to write your own jokes.

Many times, an introductory joke is meant to capture some attention during the maid of honor speeches! Read more

Great Autumn Maid of Honor Speeches Tips 0

A good maid of honor speech during the autumn period starts from the heart, starts with the feelings which are rising inside your heart while observing Mother Nature’s finest changes and the most spectacular show of colors ever. It’s amazing to be inspired by the game of colors, by the plenitude of changes nature is going through during this season. This is exactly what a wedding is about. Actually, the bride and groom’s lives are about to go through many changes, some of them unexpected while others totally mystical. These changes will show them how much they love each other or how they have unsolved things or barriers in their relationship.

Love is truly something you should talk about during your maid of honor speeches, but it’s for the advices to reveal the newlyweds that their lives can be a whole lot better if they simply learn to accept some things (generally things related to relationship functioning wisdom, things related to how a marriage can be made to work at least as expected or even better).

I am quite sure you are more than full of all kinds of wedding speech tips which all seem to follow the same typical and boring line of how things should be done. I intend to reveal that there are some simple things and guides to help you and that your personal creativity can truly enhance your speech, giving it a natural flow and excellence. So many women would love to have excellence when they speak, but they find it so hard when they get into that position. The only way to control this aspect and to be a winner in such situations is to be a calm and warm person, knowing that everything is going to work out just fine. After all, you can imagine that the speech is a simple theater play played seriously but loosely between you and the bride. You really don’t have to think about who will be listening! Read more

Another Type of Maid of Honor Speech 0

Being the maid of honor is really an honor and you should focus on giving the best speech you can. There are so many questions arising when you try to come up with the best things, mostly because it might seem that there are too many ideas you have to combine them all into one maid of honor speech. The very simple method to get over such frustration is taking a pen and a piece of paper. You need to take some notes with all of the ideas you have and once they are all written down, arrange them in a logical order which respects the wedding speech structure.

 Champayne and Rasberries

The wedding speech structure for the maid of honor speech consists of:

  1. An introductory part, where you introduce yourself and capture people’s attention. Even if many guests are aware of who you are, it’s mandatory to introduce yourself.
  2. You must then talk about the bride. This part is where all your ideas, all your creativity and all of what you planned will take place.
  3. You should choose between talking about the groom or the couple. Remember that the groom’s role is as important as the bride’s role, since all marriages have two parts involved.
  4. The ending is always a toast proposal. Before the ending, if you consider it useful and well-received, you can share some quotes or some advices you would give to the newlyweds.

So, in respect to the above structure, the maid of honor speeches can have a good form, being a quality speech. As I indicated above, the speech should begin by writing all of what crosses your mind down. This helps you have a good order of thoughts and to avoid duplicate thoughts. The only instance when you should use some thoughts throughout your maid of honor speech more than once, are the cases when you want to emphasize some idea or some thought, which is important for the fresh couple. Read more

Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Structure 0

All wedding speeches are equally important and we’ll now talk about the maid of honor wedding speech structure. The structure of a wedding speech is the basis to give the shape, the style and the flow of the speech. I can’t say that some creative people wouldn’t be able to come up with a better structure than the structure I intend to present. However, I do say that if you’re not an expert or not creative and knowledgeable enough, then you’d better keep your eyes on this structure to avoid confusion. Click Here for MORE Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Examples

Introductory part of the maid of honor wedding speech

Now, this is where some women go wrong. The newlyweds’ parents’ speeches are generally with the same flow, only with a bit of changes or differences from one another. This is not our case, as the maid of honor speeches should always have a different introduction.

Although the parents of the young couple can sometimes introduce themselves in the introductory parts, it’s not too common for them to do that. On the other hand, when it comes to the maid of honor speech, you should introduce yourself. This is very important, just imagine what the guests think and what they know about you! What are the odds that they know who you actually are, besides being the maid of honor? That’s right – many of them can’t know you, because you haven’t been introduced to them!

Of course, I hope you all know that welcoming the guests should be left out from this type of wedding speech. Read more